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Portage Rod and Gun Club Summer 2017 Newsletter

We are hoping everyone has been having a great Summer.  Our sincere apologies go out to everyone as we have not sent out a newsletter in quite awhile. The club rules have been posted inside the vestibule to the clubhouse and here, everyone that comes out to use the club should read and abide by these rules.

Safety should be the  number  one thing on your mind anytime you are participating in any type of activity at the club.

Board Members & Contact info

Troy Bartz (President)   608-279-9362

Shane Marquardt (Vice President) 608-697-3564

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer)   608-981-2582

Scott Gudgeon (Secretary)   608-317-9850

LeRoy Welter       608-234-0607

Jeana Welter  608-354-1188

Larry Lietz   920-296-7941

Dan Denzer   920-394-3265

Bill Voight   608-547-2578

Woody Steinhoff   813-735-9817

Dennis Wittmann   608-520-7201

Anthony Dickson  608-697-6929

Jim Hinickle   608-742-8258

Bob Corning   608-617-8388

Tony Schumacher   608-742-6386

This club is a non-profit organization run with volunteers and is one of the reasons  we are able  to keep the dues so low.  All of the income the club receives is reinvested back into the club.  Every paying member has an equal share of rights for voting, use of the facilities, and responsibilities.   All  members are welcome and encouraged to come to all board meetings and  we would welcome your input toward the future of the club.  The club holds a few events each year and we ask that if you are able to help out with any events to please contact a board member.  The membership dues have been kept at a  reasonable rate.  All members are now required to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours on various club projects or events throughout the year.  Membership dues will rise if we do not get enough volunteers and/or donations.

We would like to thank everyone that has been able to come out and assist with the projects that have been completed. We would also like to thank the many businesses and community members that made donations of  time, labor, equipment, and materials.  Without those donations many of those projects would not have been possible.

Club Updates

(Pistol Range)

The Pistol range has been more than doubled in length and the height raised for better function  and safety. We  will need volunteers to assist completion building the division walls in the pistol berm. There will be a couple of work days to try and get this project wrapped up.  (Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July, approximately 8A-3P, or when finished.  Food and refreshments will be provided by the club.  We are in need of shovels, gloves, battery powered drills/impact drivers w/ sockets, a good chainsaw, generators, air compressors.  If  you are interested in helping you can contact Shane Marquardt.


(Gun/Cash Raffle)

We are currently running a raffle with 5-guns and 2 cash prizes with proceeds to benefit ongoing range improvements.  Prizes include the following:

  1. Delton DTS M2 AR15 (5.56 mm)

  2. Tri-Star Hunter EX Over/Under 3” (12 gauge)

  3. Savage 93R17 Bolt Action Rifle w/AccuTrigger (.17 HMR)

  4. Smith & Wesson SDVE Handgun  (9 mm)

  5. CVA Wolf 50 Muzzleloader (.50 Caliber)

  6. $100 Cash Prize

  7. $50 Cash Prize

$10 each, 3 for $25, or 7 for $50

Tickets are available at the club during normal hours, DW Sports Center, and a few other local businesses.  You can also contact a board member as well if you are interested in purchasing tickets, or if you are able to help sell tickets.  Raffle drawing will be Sunday October 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM, during the gun show.

(Trap League)
Current Trap Shooting hours are Wednesdays (9A-12P and 5P-9:30P), and Saturdays 12P-3P.  We are well into our summer trap league and 12 scores must be completed by August 23rd, with the annual trap league potluck banquet on Wednesday August 30th.  We may start a fall league (singles and/or doubles) if there is enough interest, please contact a board member if you are interested in a fall league, and if you are able to help.  Sign-up sheets at the club.

(Youth Trap Team)

Our youth trap team has shown exceptional growth.  In 2017 we had 21 members on the team including 3 girls (what other sports can you think of that allow guys and gals to compete against each other on a level playing field?), 2016 had just 7 members on the team.   This increased rate of participation on our team led us to be bumped up into a new conference and our young people placed 3rd out of 6 teams in this new conference.  What a great start!  Our team took 18 of the 21 members to the State Shoot and all had a great experience.  There will be a fall league for those members that were already enrolled in the spring league, all new shooters are encouraged to come out and participate during this time as well to learn alongside those with more experience, and to prepare them for next spring.

If you know of friends or family that would be interested in joining the youth trap team please encourage them to come on out and give it a try.  A fundraising raffle was done this past spring that was a great start in getting our program off the ground-stay tuned for further updates on the next fundraising raffle to benefit our youth team.  If you are able, please donate to our youth program as this is where our future begins.

Also, there are many schools in the state that include Trapshooting as a letter sport, Portage is not currently one of them, talk to your school officials and let them know you would like it to be, so that our youth can have the same recognition as their peers at other schools and their peers in other organized sports.

(Skeet League)

If you are interested in a fall skeet league, come into the club and sign-up.

(Sporting Clays)

Come on over and enjoy a round of sporting clays on Thursday nights through end of September, a few Sundays left to come and shoot as well (August 6th, September 10th, October 8th).

(Mentorship Program)

We have begun a youth mentorship program and are looking for more youth to learn the ropes of a volunteer based club such as ours.  It takes a lot of membership participation to make the club great.  This is a great resume building opportunity for our young friends and family members.  Please contact a board member to inquire further.

 (Gun Show)

Our Fall gun show will be on Saturday October 21st 9A-5P, and Sunday Otcober 22nd 9:00am - 3:00pm.

 (Sportsman’s Sale/Exchange)

We are looking to host a sportsman’s sale/exchange early this fall.  So, if you have gently used hunting/fishing/outdoors gear that you would like to get out of your closets/basements/garages or just upgrade what you currently have this may be the event for you.  We will be announcing a date soon,  we will need several volunteers for this as well.

 (Fall Fundraiser Shoot)

We have not had a fall shoot in a couple of years, and we are currently looking to organize one for this fall, if you are interested in helping us with this please contact a board member soon.

Membership  applications can be found on-­‐line,  purchased at the Club or at DW Sports Center in Portage, also included below. Club rules available online and at the club.  If you have certain talents that would  be beneficial to the club please let us know on the front of your membership application.  (Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Have access to equipment or materials, etc.)


Membership Application

By accepting this membership,

I agree to abide by all rules of the club.


Name: ____________________________________________

              Last                                   First                            M.I.

Address: __________________________________________

City: _________________State: __________  Zip: _________

Date Sold: _______________    Sold By: _________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

Activities you’re interested in participating in:

___Rifle Range

___Trap Shooting

___Sporting Clays

___Pistol Range

___Skeet Shooting

___Archery Range

Volunteer Help is Deeply Appreciated

Call Ahead for shooting.  We have several events and different groups that have use of the club throughout the year, so if you want to come out to shoot and have internet service you should check the club website calendar to see what if anything is scheduled that day.  

We will work on getting newsletters out about every 4 months to keep everyone informed.  We will try to keep everyone informed through email, facebook, and the club website.  We will be limiting the number of newsletters mailed to home addresses.


Board of Directors  

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